Clio Ventures Backs Startup Proof to Modernize Serving Court Documents

Proof, a platform bringing transparency and oversight to the subpoena process, is the first investment for newly launched Clio Ventures.


VANCOUVER & DENVER–March 9, 2022– Today, Clio, the leader in cloud-based legal technology, announced its investment in Proof, an on-demand platform that  serves court documents using a national network of 1,000 process servers. 

Clio’s investment was a part of Proof’s $7M Series A funding round led by Blue Heron Capital and LegalTech Fund. This is the first financing event for Clio Ventures, Clio’s early-stage legaltech investment program.

“When we launched  Clio Ventures, we hoped to find startups who demonstrated innovative ways technology could improve the legal process,” said Shubham Datta, Vice President Corporate Development at Clio. “Proof exemplifies our approach by enhancing service of process, which up until now could be unreliable and inefficient. We’re thrilled to participate in Proof’s early-stage growth as they continue to optimize an important part of the legal workflow—something we’re passionate about unlocking for our customers.”

Through the Proof app, law firms can post their subpoena and notices of legal action needs and available process servers can claim the work, similar to drivers claiming a ride request in Uber. 

Before Proof, the process of serving in law was disjointed, unorganized, and frustratingly analog with legal professionals spending much of their time manually tracking the process with a number of carriers. Proof’s approach to initiating lawsuits and summoning parties to court is creating more transparency and oversight into the subpoena process, enabling firms to access servers across jurisdictions, and streamlining the ways in which the work is completed. Today, over 3,000 firms across the United States use Proof to order, track, and deliver legal service of process. Over the coming months, Clio and Proof will be working on an integration to simplify the service of process for over 100,000 legal professionals using Clio.

This marks Clio’s third major investment in promising legal technology in the past 10 months. In 2021, Clio acquired CalendarRules and Lawyaw to automate arduous and error-prone aspects of the legal process. These acquisitions expanded the company’s reach from practice management software into technology supporting the practice of law. Clio Ventures continues to grow this mandate, seeking opportunities to invest in future technologies and solutions that will better serve legal professionals and their clients. 

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