Clio Introduces the Next Evolution of the Leading Cloud-based Practice Management Platform

Themis Solutions Inc. distills more than five years’ worth of customer feedback to help shape the reinvention of the most widely used cloud-based legal practice management platform

Themis Solutions Inc. today announced the launch of the first ground-up redesign of Clio since the product’s launch nearly five years ago.

The first phase of this redesign, unveiled today at LegalTech New York, introduces a redesigned and dramatically improved user interface. Clio’s forms have been redesigned and optimized to increase ease of data entry and to offer in-place data validation, and a new “quick-start” sidebar timer now allows Clio users to start, stop and modify timers with just a few clicks.

Additional phases of the redesign will be continue to be rolled out over the coming months, and will ultimately see every aspect of Clio redesigned to deliver expanded functionality and improved usability.

“Over the last five years we’ve received feedback from tens of thousands of customers on why they love Clio, as well as what they’d like to see added or improved in the product,” said Clio CEO and founder Jack Newton. “While we’ve released hundreds of improvements to Clio over the years, we realized that some of the larger improvements we’d like to make to Clio demand a ground-up re-imagining of the interface. We’re excited to be putting these dramatically redesigned features in our customer’s hands, starting with our forms interface and timer improvements.”