Clio Launches iPad App for Lawyers at ABA TECHSHOW

Themis Solutions Inc. continues to expand its legal practice management platform for law firms with an innovative app for iPad.

The iPad continues to show growth in adoption by legal professionals. In the International Legal Technology Association’s 2014 Annual Technology Survey, 92% of law firms reported using tablet computers, with Apple’s iPad being used by 90% of lawyers in those firms.

Recognizing the popularity of the iPad among lawyers, Clio is launching an iPad-specific app for the leading cloud-based law practice management platform. Lawyers will be able to access their Clio accounts and manage their case files and clients directly from a dedicated app on their iPad. The app will also let lawyers control their busy schedules, review documents, and track time and expenses, with their work instantly syncing with their Clio accounts. Clio for iPad has been designed specifically for the popular tablet, integrating deeply with the device’s native functions.

“We’re excited to be launching Clio for iPad at ABA TECHSHOW,” said Jack Newton, CEO and founder of Clio. “At a conference dedicated to improving legal services with technology, we’re helping lawyers combine tech that ‘just works,’ Clio and iPads, into a powerful way to run their firms.”

Clio’s iPad app announcement continues the legal technology company’s tradition of building innovative case management software for lawyers. With Clio being the most widely used cloud legal software for law firms, lawyers can now utilize the most widely used tablet computer to manage their practice.

Clio also continues to innovate in the legal technology by integrating other services with many other legal-specific technologies. Much like lawyers can download apps onto their iPads that compliment each other, Clio allows law firms to combine Clio with 25 other internet services directly, like Google Apps for Business, Gmail, Dropbox, Quickbooks Online, Xero Accounting, Fastcase, and more. In addition to direct integration, Clio’s connection to Zapier lets lawyer sync with hundreds of other online services using Clio’s API. Clio is the most integrated legal software available, letting lawyers choose their own tools rather than restricting them in a “walled garden” of expensive modules and proprietary add-ons.