Clio Takes Legal Management to the Next Level with Clio Next and Android App

Themis Solutions’ Clio Next and New Android App Puts Clio’s Efficiencies into the Hands of Thousands More Lawyers

Clio kicked off Day One of its annual user conference with a number of announcements that many lawyers and Clio users were eagerly waiting to hear. First, the company announced the introduction of Clio Next, the next iteration of the product, including a new user interface and several important features. The company also announced that its popular cloud-based legal practice management solution is now available as an Android app. Jack Newton, CEO and Cofounder at Clio, made the announcements in his opening address at the Clio Cloud Conference in Chicago.

“Clio has always been about evolving our solution and delivering new product features that our customers want and need to be more efficient in running their law firms,” says Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of Clio. “With the launch of Clio Next and our Android app, we’re continuing to demonstrate that we’re listening to the wide range of feedback and suggestions we’ve heard from our customers over the last years.”

Clio Next Takes Flight

Clio Next includes broad interface upgrades to make routine interactions simpler and faster by maximizing screenspace utilization, prominently calling out important functionality, and seamlessly integrating new features. This includes:

  • a next-generation, user-friendly interface
  • upgraded Cascading Task features
  • “one-page billing” features
  • a new document creation, management, and automation feature
  • a dashboard for measuring firm performance and other key metrics

The end result is that Clio Next delivers a wide array of new features in a more intuitive, user-friendly manner. Clio Next will continue to be refined based on exhaustive customer feedback and research.

Android App Now in Hand

The just-released Android app follows the successful launch in 2013 of Clio’s award-winning iOS app for Apple products.

“The release of our Android app has been one of the most anticipated developments in Clio’s nearly six year history, and we’re both excited and delighted to be bringing this to the market,” says Newton. “More and more lawyers have been telling us that they are Android users and today we’ve put Clio into their hands and on to their smart device.”

A 2014 study released in August by the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center revealed that 91% of US-based lawyers use a smartphone and of that 66.8% use an iPhone, 24.5% use an Android device.

“Similar to the beautifully designed iPhone app, the Clio Android app is simple to use and allows for users to interact with Clio on core important functionality.” adds Newton.

Clio’s multi-purpose Android app is now available for download through Google Play.

Both features are being demonstrated at the Clio Cloud Conference, being held September 22 and 23 in Chicago. The conference has assembled hundreds of forward-thinking legal professionals to further explore the importance of technology in law practice and the broader future of law. Information on the conference can be found at