Clio to Offer New Plans to Help Law Firms Select the Practice Management Solution for Their Needs

Themis Solutions Inc. Evolves Clio’s Product Offering to Provide “Right Fit” Practice Management Plans for Lawyers and Law Firms

Continuing its commitment to product evolution and customer success, Clio has tailored its offering to better meet the needs and wishes of its diverse customer base. Starting February 8, 2015, Clio will offer three distinct practice management plans for lawyers and law firms at various levels of practice life cycle and need.

“As Clio’s customer base has expanded we’ve come to realize that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach no longer suits the diverse needs of our customers,” says Jack Newton, Clio’s CEO and Co-founder. “No two firms are exactly alike, and these new plans have been configured to better meet the demands of today’s law firm customers, allowing for a better fit and greater customization according to each firm’s practice and growth needs.”

The three plans are Starter, Boutique, and Elite.

The Starter plan has been designed to meet the needs of lawyers and law firms that require the essentials of practice management. This includes calendaring, matter and contact management, document automation, Gmail integration, and reporting functions including data on accounts receivable, customer funds, productivity, and general revenue.

For firms that require a more robust practice management platform, the Boutique plan is a more comprehensive option offering the basics of the Starter plan plus added features used by the vast majority of Clio’s customer base. These features include accounting integrations for firms with subscriptions with Quickbooks Online and Xero, custom fields to adapt Clio for a firm’s specific needs, UTBMS coding (typically referred to as ABA Task Codes for classifying legal services on invoices), API access to customize Clio for each firm, and data escrow services offering a fully redundant backup option with a 3rd party. For those firms with a Zapier subscription, the plan also offers an integration that helps with linking apps together.

The Elite plan has been designed to meet the needs of larger, growing, and more complex law firms which require more metrics on firm performance, greater software customization, court calendaring, and specialized customer service, data migration, and deployment/onboarding support.

Exceptional customer support remains a hallmark of all of Clio’s new plans, however, customers that sign up for the Elite plan will have a more customized experience with support agents specifically trained and dedicated to the needs of these firms.

“When Clio first launched in 2008, we primarily catered to the needs of solos and very small firms,” adds Newton. “Over the last six years, Clio’s functionality has evolved substantially, and as a result we’ve seen an explosion in the adoption of Clio in mid-size to large firms as well as in-house and corporate counsel. These new plans allow us to better cater to the needs of our increasingly diverse customer base.”

Existing Clio customers will be grandfathered in at their previous plan’s features and pricing.

Jack Newton and the Clio Team presented the new plans at the LegalTech Show held in New York City from February 3-5, 2015. More information on the plans will available on Sunday, February 8 at:

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