Clio Earns Spot on G2’s Best Software Products Global Ranking

Clio has earned a coveted spot on G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards, securing a place among the top 100 global software companies in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards from a competitive pool of a total of 88,435  vendors, of which 1,618 were eligible contenders. This prestigious ranking is determined by authentic, up-to-date reviews from actual users, solidifying Clio’s reputation for excellence. Sharing the spotlight with industry giants like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Canva, Clio reaffirms its standing as a leader in the software realm. G2, renowned as the world’s largest and most reputable software marketplace, draws in a staggering 90 million software buyers annually.

“This recognition from G2 reinforces our steadfast dedication to revolutionizing legal practice efficiency through cutting-edge technology,” stated Carrie Elstner, Vice President of Product Marketing at Clio. “Our team remains resolute in our mission to transform the legal experience for all by delivering comprehensive and dependable solutions tailored to meet the distinctive challenges encountered by legal professionals today.”

Clio’s recognition in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards extends to its top standing in the Legal Practice Management Software category, underscoring its comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse legal practices and firm sizes. This standing reflects Clio’s exceptional market presence, exceptional customer satisfaction, and unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation in legal technology.

G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards comprise over 30 distinct lists, meticulously ranking software vendors and products utilizing G2’s exclusive algorithm. This proprietary system is crafted from G2’s authenticated user reviews and publicly accessible market data. To qualify for these prestigious awards, a software company or product must have garnered a minimum of 50 verified reviews throughout the 2023 calendar year. Scores are solely derived from reviews submitted within this evaluation period, ensuring an accurate representation of performance.

“B2B software buyers, just like consumers, start their purchasing journey with research,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “As the world’s largest software marketplace, G2 attracts more than 90 million buyers to our site each year – more than any other B2B marketplace – reaching those from companies of all sizes, in all industries. Based on their authentic feedback, we’re proud to announce the 2024 Best Software Award winners. Congratulations to the less than 1% of vendors listed on G2 who made one of our 30+ lists this year, achieving recognition driven by verified data rooted in the source that truly matters — authentic customer voice.” 

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