Accurate Legal Billing Inc

The world’s first AI powered Time Entry Cleansing platform that intelligently and automatically processes timekeepers’ entries.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
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Starting at $35 per month USD
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Ensures full compliance with outside counsel guidelines

  • Prevents reductions by e-billing companies on law firms' invoices

  • Improves law firms collections and revenue

How Accurate Legal Billing Inc works with Clio

  • Clio fully integrates with both ALB platforms, which allows matters created in Clio to automatically come into ALB.

    With ALB1.0: Attorneys enter their time in ALB, compliance is done once as time is entered and then all the time entries are automatically send into Clio for billing and accounting.

    With ALB2.0: Attorneys enter their time in Clio which is automatically sent from Clio to ALB and once the compliance is done in ALB, entries are sent back into Clio for billing and accounting.

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