Build your own document automations, intake forms, and legal products.
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Automate Documents

    Convert your static Word documents and PDFs into automation-ready templates that go beyond "find & replace."
  • Intake Clients

    Build powerful, branded intake forms that can do more than just collect information (e.g. collect payments, automate documents) and can automatically create new Clio Contacts and/or Matters.
  • Build Legal Products

    Create new revenue streams with online forms that help the public navigate a complex legal process and automate documents. You can distribute these products via your website or through an Afterpattern web portal.

How Afterpattern works with Clio

  • Clio Grow

    Intake New Clients

    Your Afterpattern apps can automatically send data about new leads directly into your Leads Inbox.

    Clio Manage

    Make your Data Useful

    Your apps can send data to Clio allowing you to automatically create / update your Contacts and Matters. Afterpattern apps can also use your Clio data to auto-populate documents with templates that go beyond simple “find & replace.”

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