The foundation of your law firm's legal pricing system
Available in the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Perfect your pricing system

    Break down your law firm’s work into specific project types with factors that are common for those projects. Update and customize factors over time to capture learnings and increase pricing and scoping accuracy.
  • Collaborate with colleagues

    Collaborate with colleagues to improve efficiencies and price client projects with confidence.
  • Centralize your pricing knowledge

    Maintain an indexable record of all priced projects and store key learnings for the future scoping and pricing of projects.

How AltFee works with Clio

  • Sync your Clio clients with AltFee to save time creating client profiles and ensure consistency between platforms.

    Automatically have all your contacts in Clio sync with your AltFee account, ensuring contact consistency when scoping and pricing matters in AltFee or managing your practice in Clio Manage. Contact detail changes in Clio will automatically update in AltFee, saving you time and giving you peace of mind!

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