Foundation of your firm's fixed / flat fee pricing + billing system
Available in Canada, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Work less without sacrificing on earnings

    Scope with accuracy and systemically take value into consideration so you can confidently agree upon fees upfront, and work less while earning more.
  • Invoice your flat fee work with ease

    Go from scoping and pricing a client matter to invoicing the fixed fee with just a few clicks, and do so while maintaining consistent client-facing project specific descriptions of your work.
  • Perfect your pricing system

    Break down your law firm’s work into specific project types with factors that are common for those projects. Update and customize factors over time to capture learnings and increase pricing and scoping accuracy.

How AltFee works with Clio

  • Integrate with Clio so you can scope and price a matter in AltFee, then generate an invoice in Clio with just a few clicks!

    Sync your contacts and matters with your AltFee account, so you can scope and price a matter in AltFee and record that as a client specific activity in Clio. Changes to a client matter in AltFee will automatically be updated in Clio, and the status of your AltFee matter syncs automatically with the invoicing workflow in Clio.

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