Apex Chat

Apex Chat lets you chat with clients and give them real-time assistance so you win twice: satisfying web visitors faster and turning them into a potential client for your business.

Unlike most chat companies that either provide only software or only staff via the use of another company’s software, Apex Chat does both. Apex Chat has its own software platform and employs its own team of full-time chat agents. This enables Apex Chat to respond to customer needs much faster, and it also results in cost savings for customers and partners. 

Apex Chat provides a complete, turnkey chat service using in-house, live chat agents and software platform—passing on major cost savings to law firms, as Apex Chat eliminates the need to take your key employees away from their core responsibilities to handle chats, hire, or train anyone to get started.

Key Features

  • With Clio Grow and Apex Chat, you can offer live chat services to potential and existing clients who visit your law firm’s website—auto-capturing leads and syncing them into the Clio Grow Lead Inbox, so you can start the intake process with just a few clicks

    Apex Chat’s live chat services provide:
    - 24/7 coverage
    - Lead qualification
    - Custom, industry-specific live chat scripts
    - Pay-for-performance pricing