Customizable appointment reminders, follow-ups, campaigns, and online scheduling
Available in the United States
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Starting at $29 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Reduce No-Shows & Late Arrivals

    With Apptoto, you can target specific types of appointments with customizable appointment reminders (Text, Voice, and/or Email). Apptoto determines the best way to ensure delivery of your messages and reliably works in the background, making sure your clients and prospects show up to their meetings on time and well prepared.
  • Stay Competitive

    Provide a unique and personalized experience for all new prospects and clients with a streamlined onboarding message sequence, 2-way Text messaging, and best of breed scheduling and rescheduling processes.
  • Retain & Recover Clients

    Use our Campaigns feature to target specific sets of clients (e.g. clients who you met with 1 year ago but never retained), and send informative messages (Text, Email, and/or Voice) to get them to move on to the next step.

How Apptoto works with Clio

  • Apptoto provides fully automated appointment reminders (over SMS, voice calls, or emails) and integrates seamlessly with your Clio calendar. With powerful, flexible customization, your no-show rate will decrease while saving you time and energy to focus on managing your law firm.

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