Apptoto provides fully automated appointment reminders (over SMS, voice calls, or emails) and integrates seamlessly with your Clio calendar. With powerful, flexible customization, your no-show rate will decrease while saving you time and energy to focus on managing your law firm.

Key Features

  • Fully automate messaging with clients before and after appointments. With flexible settings for message content and timing and options to send texts, calls, and emails to ensure your clients are well-informed and on-time, you can spend your time focusing on your business, not your calendar.

    Seamless integration with your existing workflow. Apptoto automatically extracts your appointments and the associated clients’ contact information, so you can continue to book your appointments as usual.

    Apptoto also simplifies the process for your clients that need to book with you. When you take advantage of Apptoto's booking page feature you can share your availability online and allow your clients to schedule a meeting. With Apptoto's sign up pages, you can share an upcoming event with your client's and they can hold their spot for an upcoming conference, webinar, etc. Newly booked appointments and event sign-ups are associated with your client's most recent Matter. Leveraging a 2-way integration with Clio, if you have a new client that requests an appointment via online booking their contact information will be saved to Clio and a new Matter will be created.

    Stay informed. Apptoto can send you emails and texts or write to your Clio calendar to let you know when clients have been reminded of their appointments, as well as when they confirm or cancel their appointments, ensuring you’re always up-to-date.