AXEL Go makes it easy to collect, store and share.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $9.99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Safe and Secure

    No one’s too large or small to get hacked. Keep your files whole and useful to you, but fragmented and useless to those who aren’t authorized to access them. Plus, enjoy low pricing, no annual contracts and no minimum seat requirements with a tool that’s secure enough for large national firms but priced for solo and smaller firms.
  • Client Intake

    Create an armored pathway between you and your clients when collecting intake forms or evidence. They don’t need an AXEL Go or Clio account to drop big files back to you securely. Secure remote and hybrid work situations by leveraging next-generation file storage and transfer technology.
  • Unlimited File Sizes

    Collect or share any size file or volume of data safely and efficiently. You can use timed access and granular permissions to grant, revoke or limit access to your shared files. You can also receive a report showing when shared files were accessed or downloaded through AXEL Go’s enhanced private share feature.
  • Preserve Metadata

    AXEL Go is a defensible and easy-to-use option to collect evidence while preserving metadata. For smaller document collections and loose files, AXEL Go eliminates the need for costly forensic examiners.
  • Control Over Your Practice

    Take control over your practice with AXEL Go’s security and collaboration features. Limit or revoke user access to specific folders and documents when managing your Encrypted Secure Storage. For additional security, include 2-factor authentication on important files. Also, include passwords and eSignatures when sharing or requesting documents from colleagues and clients.
  • Next-Generation Technology

    Ensure your files and documents are protected with AXEL Go’s next-generation security technology. Our platform is built with cutting-edge blockchain technology, a decentralized cloud, and the same encryption technology used by military and governmental agencies. AXEL Go provides you with complete peace of mind from digital security threats.

How AXEL Go works with Clio

  • AXEL Go’s integration with Clio allows you to easily share, store, and collect files and documents from the comfort of your Clio profile. Take advantage of our security features when you interact with your colleagues and clients without breaking up your current workflow. Quickly start sharing and storing files of any size within a matter of seconds by navigating to your Documents page. When sending a confidential document to sign, include additional security by setting an expiration date and a password.

    Need to collect an important document from a contact in your Clio account? Simply send a Secure Fetch link from your Clio profile, and the Secure Fetch link will create a safe and encrypted pathway for your colleague or client to send the document directly to you.

    AXEL Go will improve your firm’s data privacy and security capabilities, so you can focus on your practice.

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