BillerAssist lets you review and approve an entire month of billing in minutes. All you have to do is look for the color-coded entries.  Import your entries from Clio in one click, and all problematic entries will be flagged for quick review.  BillerAssist also automatically flags “problem” entries in real time, ensuring efficiency while work is being done and training your timekeepers how to bill.

Key Features

  • Partners should not have to spend hours reviewing billing entries for invoicing. Now they don’t have to.

    BillerAssist allows you to review and approve an entire month of billing in minutes. More specifically, BillerAssist lets you:
    • Quickly import new entries with one click
    • Easily identify "problematic" entries by color-codes
    • Make any edits you want
    • Export the approved entries back to Clio with one-click

    The above functionality requires only one user account ($29 /month). Get set up in under 5 minutes! A video on our website shows you how easy it is to get up and running with BillerAssist.

    BillerAssist can also be used to automate timekeeper supervision and training. In brief, the app:
    • Prevents non-billable work with real-time notifications to all timekeepers
    • Automatically alerts for violations of internal or client-mandated billing rules
    • Maximizes income without raising hourly rates
    • Increases your firm’s realization and collection rates, while decreasing write-offs
    • With its machine learning technology, BillerAssist gets smarter the more you use it
    • The app learns from your own billing records, and from your changes
    • Our Clio Integration Bar allows users to easily toggle back and forth with Clio Manage