BillerAssist boosts revenues using (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning. Not just another billing app, our patent-pending technology works with Clio Manage to substantially increase realization and collection rates, while preventing write-offs and reducing the amount of time involved in your legal billing process.

Key Features

  • BillerAssist's integration with Clio Manage uses the latest in AI and machine learning to:

    • Prevent unbillable and non-billable work with real-time notifications to all timekeepers
    • Increase your firm’s realization and collection rates, while decreasing writeoffs
    • Maximize income without raising hourly rates
    • Set internal or client-mandated billing rules to automatically ensure compliance
    • Use your own billing records and changes to train the system

    Tedious legal billing is the old way of doing things. The faster, cheaper, and better way is BillerAssist.