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Key benefits for your firm

  • Be found and chosen with Review Management

    Automatically solicit client reviews on Google, Facebook, Avvo,, FindLaw, LegalMatch, and 150+ review sites Save time by responding to reviews at scale using rules and templates. Rank at the top of Google search, boost local SEO, and amplify positive reviews across search, social, and paid ads. Add a widget to your website to showcase your best reviews.
  • Rank higher with Listings Management

    Claim your business listings for your law firm or lawyers across top directory sites like Google, Facebook, and Avvo. Your listings information needs to be accurate, inconsistencies can lead to poor SEO and a lower ranking on Google. Birdeye lets you manage, update, and track your listings in a single dashboard.
  • Convert web visitors with Webchat

    Turn leads into clients immediately with live chat and chatbot tools. Every conversation starts with a name and phone number. Live chat lets you engage customers instantly in real-time, while Robin, our chatbot, can answer questions, schedule appointments, and close deals when you’re busy. Business texting allows you to text your webchat leads even when they leave your site.

How Birdeye works with Clio

  • Birdeye integrates with Clio to help lawyers and law firms send out review requests to their clients. This integration helps in automating review request solicitation and generating new reviews. Once your Birdeye account is integrated with Clio, Birdeye will pull the first name, last name, email address and phone number of your clients based on certain defined triggers. After your client information is pulled into your Birdeye account, review requests will be sent out every day, automatically. This will help you get a steady stream of reviews that will help you rank higher on search engines and make your brand visible to prospective clients.

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