Birdeye lets you send fully automated review requests to your clients and integrates seamlessly with your client list on Clio. With customizable timing, branding, and content, you can get new reviews from your clients on sites like Google and Avvo without lifting a finger. Boost your star ratings, improve your search engine ranking, and get new clients by letting your happy clients do your marketing for you.

Key Features

  • • Automatically send clients review requests via SMS or email after an appointment. Get new client reviews for your practice on third-party sites like Google and Avvo to improve your online reputation.

    • Customizable content and timing settings let you reach every client at the right moment -- without adding any work to your busy schedule.

    • Stay in the know: Birdeye sends you real-time alerts whenever you receive a new review and lets you respond directly to all your reviews from one place.

    • Birdeye gathers client contact information stored in Clio to send review requests so you don't disrupt your existing workflow.