Blackacre Pro

Real-time and predicative capacity management.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $19 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Capacity Management

    Blackacre Pro leverages its proprietary algorithm to assess your team members’ current workload-capacity and predict their future capacity. Optimize your legal team by identifying who has capacity to take on certain tasks and increase profitability while reducing burn-out.
  • Task Delegation

    Easily delegate tasks to your legal team and track their progress up to completion – from anywhere on Earth. Your teams’ tasks and logged time will sync instantly with your organization’s Clio Manage account.
  • Task Management

    Keep track of your time on tasks within a personal docketing interface, which syncs instantly with your Clio Manage account.
  • Management Analytics

    Blackacre Pro’s management-focused analytics equips your management team with a robust set of metrics and insights.

How Blackacre Pro works with Clio

  • Delegate Tasks, Log Time, and Track Task Progress

    Blackacre Pro allows you to create and delegate tasks and log time on those tasks, all of which seamlessly sync into your Clio account. Blackacre Pro is fully integrated with Clio and allows Clio to remain your robust CRM and billing solution, while supercharging your team’s efficiency and your organization’s profitability.

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