Custom Legal Website and Marketing Solutions With Innovative Lead Generation Tools
Available in the United States
Starting at $99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Improve Your Firm’s Online Presence With Civille Websites and Digital Marketing

    Every Civille website is built with page speed and mobile design first – ensuring your site is fast and responsive to every device. Pair that with our best-in-class SEO, content marketing, and GBP management, and watch your firm’s online presence grow to new heights.
  • Grow Your Website’s Lead Volume With Our Lead Enhancement Solutions

    Our lead enhancement solutions can help improve the quality and more importantly, quantity of leads coming through your website. These solutions include: Civille Law Forms - A Multi-step form option that allows you to either qualify your leads before they get to you, or improve conversion rates of your forms with digestible questions. Civille AI Chat - Easy and simple chat-bot solution to ask custom questions and gather lead information. Civille Scheduling Tool - Clients can set up their own appointments and book directly with any of your employees calendars. *Lead enhancement solutions are available at no cost with every Civille website or can be added to any Wordpress site for a monthly fee of $99/mo.
  • Streamline Your Intake Process

    Every Civille website and lead enhancement solution can be integrated directly with Clio Grow and/or Clio Manage to ensure leads are being delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Streamline your intake and process and automatically create new clients and matters directly in Clio.

How Civille works with Clio

  • Automatically sync all your websites lead information directly with Clio. No more wasting time on copying and pasting lead information into Clio.

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