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  • Kenect

    Kenect is an easy-to-use business texting platform built for law firms throughout North America. Kenect is designed to increase efficiency,…

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  • Intaker

    Intaker is a powerful and smart technology tool law firms use to capture and qualify prospective clients on their websites,…

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  • Ngage live chat logo Clio Grow

    Ngage Live Chat

    Ngage Live Chat is a live chat platform with highly trained operators providing a customized experience that turns visitors to…

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  • Apex Chat Logo Clio Grow Integration

    Apex Chat

    Apex Chat lets you chat with clients and give them real-time assistance so you win twice: satisfying web visitors faster…

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  • Live Web Chat Live Chat is the fastest, friendliest way to capture leads online, 24/7. Live, professional receptionists, backed by powerful AI…

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  • Client Chat Live

    With Client Chat Live, a managed live chat software and service, law firms benefit by having live operators 24x7 respond…

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  • Broadly

    Broadly’s client engagement platform helps your practice manage leads, facilitate communication with modern clients, and generate online reviews. With a…

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  • Gideon

    Gideon is a messaging and data analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence that helps law firms put lead conversion on…

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  • LawDroid

    LawDroid is a chatbot that automates conversations and tasks so you can capture more leads, intake more clients, and handle…

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