Client Chat Live

With Client Chat Live, a managed live chat software and service, law firms benefit by having live operators 24×7 respond to chat requests on their websites. It’s easy to stay responsive to current and potential clients as well as have full-time staff focus on important legal work.

With great data capture and powerful integration, automatically sync potential and current client queries into Clio Grow’s Lead Inbox and Clio Manage using Client Chat Live.

Key Features

  • 24x7 Live Bilingual Operators
    • When a visitor to your website wants to chat immediately, live operators are available 24x7 so you don't have to be.
    • In English or Spanish, the operator will collect contact information and basic details about their potential case and forward it to you via email and automatically into Clio Manage or Clio Grow so you can follow up or close.

    Automatically Sync New Lead Information
    • No need to retype all the contact information for a new potential client. All the data captured in the chat session will automatically be added to your Clio program.
    • Streamline your ability to prioritize new business as you access leads from Clio Grow's Lead Inbox and into your pipeline of new matters.
    • As current clients contact you via Client Live Chat, update their files in Clio Manage with new information.

    Flat Rate Monthly Pricing
    • Know what you're going to pay each month with flat rate and predictable pricing.
    • Based on volume, you will have a package that fits your firm and allows you to budget accordingly each month.

    Text to Chat
    • Can your potential clients text your firm? If they can, who is answering and responding? Included with this service is Text to Chat, which allows visitors to your website to send a text message which will be answered by 24x7 live operators.
    • The text conversation is sent to you via email and automatically syncs into Clio Manage just like a normal web chat.