ClientSherpa takes the guesswork out of building a friendly and efficient client onboarding experience. Custom forms for every matter and automated client followup mean fewer no-shows and happier, more-engaged clients. Export intakes to Clio and every matter starts like a breeze. The days of henpecking data into Clio are over!

Key Features

  • Create clients and contacts
    • Let's do away with going back and forth between browser tabs copying and pasting names, addresses phone numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, bank account details, etc., etc., etc. When you close an intake, all of the personal information your client has entered about themselves and any other parties to the matter get created in Clio.

    Sync custom fields
    • Custom fields are the key to leveling up your firm's automation. By creating custom fields and linking them to your ClientSherpa forms, seemless document generation is just a few clicks away. You can link almost any client response to a Clio custom field that can be automagically sucked into your document templates. It really is like magic.

    Securely transfer client files
    • We use bank grade encryption, both in transit and at rest to allow your clients to upload their files in a secure environment. Those files are automatically sent to your Clio matter as well so that you have those files at your fingertips as you work.