Within Clio, ClockAssist shows you exactly how you spent your day. The ideal memory-aid to base your time entries on.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at FREE

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automatic Time Tracking for Lawyers

    While you focus on work, ClockAssist automatically tracks what matters you’re working on and what you’re doing for them.
  • Faster and more complete time tracking

    Tracking time can be a total hassle. ClockAssist helps you by tracking time while you focus on work. Don’t forget another minute with ClockAssist.
  • 100% Free - Forever

    ClockAssist is completely free and unlimited to use as a memory-aid within Clio. Would you like more features? Then of course there are other plans available for this.

How ClockAssist works with Clio

  • Automatically tracks what clients / matters you’re working for while you focus on work.

    ClockAssist automatically tracks which client you are working on within all your software, including your phone calls. Using ClockAssist, you can track time within Clio, your perfect memory-aid!

    Tracked activity is 100% private to you

    No one but you has access to recorded activity. ClockAssist is there to help you, not a monitoring tool.


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