CozyCal Scheduling

CozyCal is a simple scheduling service that easily integrates with your website. Install CozyCal on your website, and let clients schedule appointments anytime, anywhere. By integrating with Clio, CozyCal increases lead generation, streamlines scheduling for existing clients, and save time so you can focus on building better connections.

Key Features

  • Install CozyCal on your website to increase lead generation and allow existing clients to schedule appointments. You can customize the booking page's look to match with your firm's branding for a seamless and professional scheduling experience.

    Clio Integration for Streamlined Scheduling

    Scheduled or cancelled appointments are automatically synced between CozyCal's calendar (integrated with a Google calendar) and Clio's calendar to make sure real-time availabilities are reflected. Clients' contact information are sent to Clio's contacts database upon scheduling. With Google Hangouts integration, Google Hangouts meeting links can be automatically generated for online meetings.

    Busy Time Calendars

    To prevent double bookings, you can let CozyCal check and block availabilities from multiple calendars other than the Clio calendar.

    Team Scheduling

    Multiple members can be invited to join your firm's team booking page. Clients can schedule meetings with a preferred team member or with any team members. Meetings are auto-assigned to the team member who has availability for the chosen time slot. All scheduled events and contact information are synced with one Clio account.

    Customize Email Notifications

    Easily customize confirmation and reminder email notifications, which are automatically sent to guests upon scheduling. Any time you reschedule or cancel an appointment, emails will be sent to the guests.