CRM Connector

Automate data entry, reduce client onboarding time, and understand revenue per lead source.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Sync data easily

    ion8’s CRM Connector allows both your CRM and Clio to stay updated without the need to toggle between systems. You can also choose the fields you want to sync and keep the remaining fields independent.
  • Manage Customer Relationships

    Knowing your history of communication with the client and understanding the context is important to maintain a relationship in the long run. CRM Connector helps you get clarity on the client status and their background by syncing information from Clio to your CRM (like Zoho), and vice versa.
  • One-stop configuration

    ion8’s CRM Connector reduces the need for multiple configurations across apps. Tasks and events that are set up in the CRM are automatically created in Clio Manage, allowing your legal team to access them easily.

How CRM Connector works with Clio

  • Trigger-based Sync

    CRM Connector uses webhooks to integrate your CRM and Clio. When a particular event occurs in the CRM (eg. a prospect is converted to a customer), the bridge will automate the creation of all associated Contacts, Companies, and Matters related to the recently engaged client.

    Always Up to Date

    The customizable sync feature in the CRM Connector allows you to create both one-way and two-way sync between your CRM and Clio.

    Workflow Management

    CRMs (like Zoho) allow you to create customizable workflows. This means you’ll be able to automate a process based on a change in status in Clio because of the two-way sync set up. For example, you can create a workflow for sending an email to a client soon after they are converted and then move them from Zoho CRM to Clio. This can be done by creating workflows in Zoho CRM and creating actionable follow up activities based on the triggers.

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