Automate the download of new filings to your Clio case folders
Available in the United States
Starting at $24.99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Save Time

    You can save your staff a lot of time by automating the document download process. When there is a new filing in one of your cases DocketBird will automatically download the filing, rename it to your filename format, and then save it in the case folder in Clio. This can save dozens of hours a year by eliminating the manual download of new filings.
  • Save Money

    All filings are automatically saved in Clio and this helps significantly reduce the firm's Pacer costs. Avoid redundant and unnecessary Pacer fees by having a backup copy of each free filing the court sends. Documents can be accessed from Clio or DocketBird at no cost.
  • Full-text Search

    All documents downloaded by DocketBird are automatically OCR'd and indexed. You can easily full-text search across all of your cases or within a single case, and quickly find the documents you need.

How DocketBird works with Clio

  • You integrate your DocketBird account with Clio and sync each case on DocketBird to the matter in Clio. When there is a new filing DocketBird uploads the documents to the specific matter-document folder in Clio.

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