Appearance Counsel for the Modern Attorney
Available in the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Appear Everywhere

    With a network of 10,000+ attorneys, Docketly can appear at your hearings on your behalf when you can’t.
  • Trust and Transparency

    Hand select your vetted attorney pool to cover cases. Our attorneys are your attorneys, giving you the details that matter, seamlessly in your dashboard.
  • Cost-effective Results

    Starting with low flat fees and no mileage costs, our service easily scales to your needs. Flexible coverage in more geographies gives you real presence in more courts, without having to appear yourself.

How Docketly works with Clio

  • Appearance Counsel Made Easy

    Hire appearance counsel directly from your Clio Dashboard, so you can spend less time in court and more time growing your practice.
    Quickly integrate from Clio and hire appearance counsel through your dashboard. From booking the job to receiving case results, manage everything without ever having to leave the Clio dashboard.

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