Docketman helps small and solo firms simplify their real estate closing process. Docketman automates the complex calculations required to complete the Closing Disclosure and ALTA Settlement Statements. You can easily import matters from Clio and any documents generated in Docketman are automatically synced back to Clio.

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Key Features

  • Matters
    • Import your Clio Matters directly into Docketman with just a few simple clicks.

    • All of your Docketman generated documents are synced back to Clio automatically.

    Calculations & Prorations
    • Docketman automates the complex calculations required to complete your Closing Disclosure and Settlement Statements.

    Closing Disclosure
    • Docketman simplifies the Closing Disclosure form with a simple and intuitive user-interface.

    Settlement Statements
    • Docketman makes generating your ALTA Settlement Statements a breeze. No more manual calculations.

    Other Documents & Forms
    • Docketman is always adding new forms and documents. If we don’t have the one you want, just ask us to automate it for you.

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