Family Law solution for data intake and court document generation
Available in the United States
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Starting at $35 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Effortless Information Intake

    Let clients enter and update their information, from assets to children. No more data transcription or inefficient paperwork.
  • Generate State-Specific Divorce Documents

    Say goodbye to clumsy templates, manual calculations, and inconsistent information. Let 123 generate court documents from you.
  • Simplify Decision Making

    Get dynamic, flexible, and powerful decision-making tools to visually compare what-ifs and variable scenarios.

How DivorceHelp123 works with Clio

  • Sync key client data from DivorceHelp123 to Clio, including contact information, matter type, filling status, and custom fields. Use Intake123 to drive new leads and their information from your website to DivorceHelp123 and all the way to Clio.

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