DivorceHelp123 provides feature-rich online solutions for your deep and complex practice-area-specific needs such as the Financial Statement, Child Support Calculations/Worksheets, and Asset Distribution reports.

DivorceHelp123 Client App and integration with Clio eliminates double and triple data entry for your staff to drastically reduce errors, frustration, wasted time, and delays in the financial disclosure process.

DivorceHelp123 gives your clients an effortless experience, helping your firm to increase return business and referrals.

123 provides powerful decision making tools such as scenario comparison reports to give your clients clear visibility of their options and how various what if scenarios would affect their outcomes.

DivorceHelp123 has served thousands of Family Law professionals and their clients in Colorado and has recently launched nationwide.

Sign up for a free trial and let 123 walk you through an evaluation with our in-app onboarding tutorials and videos, and take advantage of our national expansion promo.

Key Features

  • • Easily generate complex state-specific documents, calculations, and custom 123 reports such as the financial statement, separate property, child support, spousal maintenance, and scenario comparison reports
    • Eliminate hassle, duplicate work & errors with DivorceHelp123 Client App
    • Client data is entered and updated in one location, is sent to Clio, and is used throughout all Court documents, calculations, and reports
    • Easily create multiple asset distribution scenarios and automatically generate comparison reports
    • Create multiple support scenarios and automatically generate comparison reports
    • Give your Decision Maker clear visibility and confidence in your proposals
    • On-boarding tours, interactive tutorials, in-app knowledge base, and 5 Star Support included with every plan