Create legal documents and court forms right from Clio Manage
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Available in Europe
Starting at £8 per month GBP

Key benefits for your firm

  • Form automation

    Quickly create and automatically fill forms directly from Clio Manage. Map standard and custom fields from Clio to your most used forms found in FormEvo.
  • Extensive legal form database

    The FormEvo integration for Clio lets customers quickly create forms with access to an extensive library of England and Welsh legal forms plus a Scottish specific library of form templates. All in one place with automatic updating. Reduce the risk of using out of date forms and the consequences.
  • Simple and secure e-submissions

    As more government departments move to e-submission data, FormEvo forms will offer the means to deliver the data via the click of your 'browser' button. Achieve up to 94% auto population of SDLT Form Data to the eAP1

How FormEvo works with Clio


    Generate forms fast with access to an extensive library of templates and autofill details using fields from Clio Manage.

    The FormEvo integration for Clio lets you automatically generate forms using fields from Clio Manage. Access a library of forms directly from Clio and initiate the form completion process. By configuring field mappings for standard and customer fields to forms you and your team will be able to generate fully filled forms for matters in just a couple of clicks.

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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up

    Learn more about getting started with the FormEvo integration here.

  • Additional support

    Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 0330 551 9341