Reply quickly to clients with AI in your inbox.
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at $49+ per month USD
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Amaze your clients with lightning fast response times.

    Gretchen’s AI will draft responses to client inquiries with the click of a button from your inbox, saving hours of manual review and writing.
  • It’s like having a trained legal assistant in your inbox.

    Gretchen integrates with Clio to securely access your documents, providing context-aware responses to your client inquiries. No client documents are saved or stored outside of your Clio account.
  • Free up time for high-value tasks.

    Gretchen adapts the tone of its tone to your writing style to reduce the time you have to spend editing. But don’t worry, nothing will ever go out without your approval.

How Gretchen works with Clio

  • Seamless email drafting with Gretchen and Clio Manage

    Gretchen integrates flawlessly with Clio Manage to revolutionize your email communication workflow. By securely accessing client and matter information from Clio, Gretchen drafts accurate, context-specific responses to client emails directly from your inbox.

    – Automatically pulls relevant client data from Clio Manage for personalized email responses.

    – Ensures consistency and accuracy in client communication by referencing up-to-date case information.

    – Streamlines the email drafting process, saving valuable time for legal professionals.

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