HarakaConnect for iManage

HarakaConnect for iManage seamlessly integrates Clio with iManage. When you create new clients and matters on Clio, their workspaces appear on iManage
Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States
New Clio customers can use the app for 3 months–free of charge! Learn More

Key benefits for your firm

  • Increased Productivity

    Integrating applications improves employee productivity. When you input client and matter information to Clio, HarakaConnect automatically creates a workspace in iManage.
  • Happier Teams

    The key to employee success and morale is having the right tools and support. Integrating your business-critical tools using HarakaConnect can give your team a substantial boost.
  • Improved Data Accuracy

    Minimize data entry tasks using HarakaConnect. When you update matter- and client-related information in Clio, the updates appear instantly in iManage.

How HarakaConnect for iManage works with Clio

  • Enables a workspace to be automatically created in iManage once you create a new matter in Clio.

    The HarakaConnect app automatically creates a workspace in iManage once you create a new matter in Clio.

    The HarakaConnect app appends all related metatags to the created workspace, including: Matter, Matter ID, Client/Contact, Client/Contact ID, Practice Area, and ANY required custom fields.

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