Hire an Esquire

Vetted freelance lawyers and paraprofessionals, on-demand.
Available in the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Hire qualified candidates

    Find the right legal talent from our network of 15,000+ attorneys and paraprofessionals. vetted with our research-backed process proven to predict performance.
  • Tailor talent to your needs

    Hire freelance or permanent legal talent with our Suite or tools that guides you through hiring and managing an agile workforce.
  • Pay only when you hire

    Flat-rate platform access means no placement fees or requirements to bill contractors through us, at cost payroll services available.

How Hire an Esquire works with Clio


    Sync Time & Expenses, Access Contacts

    Sync your contractor hours and expenses in the Hire an Esquire platform to the relevant client and matter in Clio—and save your favorite contractors to your Clio contacts.

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