Track matters and tasks, create workflows, collaborate with your team
Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $69 per month USD
Starting at 79 per month EUR
Starting at £59 per month GBP

Key benefits for your firm

  • See the progress of all your matters at a glance

    Hivelight summarizes your matters and sorts them by urgency, so you can manage your caseload efficiently.
  • Legal project management made easy

    Manage your matters, deadlines, tasks, projects and teams in a way that scales.
  • Quickly create the roadmaps you need to scale

    Hivelight roadmaps (workflows & playbooks combined) allow you to delegate work, upskill staff, and document your matters at scale.

How Hivelight works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Manage so you can project manage your work in Hivelight and complete it in Clio

    Syncs matters and contacts between Hivelight and Clio. Enabling lightning fast setup, and direct linking to your Clio matters from Hivelight.

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