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  • Smarter Firms

    The Clio Smarter Firms integration connects to your firm’s most…

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  • Ruby

    24/7/365 virtual receptionists 
and online chat specialists.

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  • EZlytix_clio_logo

    EZlytix Law Firm Analytics

    EZlytix is an easy to use cloud-based data analytics solution…

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  • SQL for Clio

    SQL for Clio is the most in-depth way to look…

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  • firmTRAK

    FirmTRAK provides the ability to harness your data and unlock…

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  • myFirmData

    myFirmData is a custom reporting tool that allows firms to…

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  • faster_export_clio

    Faster Export

    Faster Export gives users access to developer-style Clio data that…

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  • Clocktimizer

    Clocktimizer's natural language processing algorithms read time card narratives to…

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  • Digitory Legal

    Digitory Legal is your automated pricing consultant. Digitory Legal solves…

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