Case Analysis, Preparation and eBundling working in perfect synergy.
Available in Europe

Key benefits for your firm

  • Immediately available

    Fully cloud-based, requiring no installation or maintenance. Use anytime, anywhere, through a fully digitised and collaborative case file. Makes remote working seamless through real-time and flexible team visibility of evolving case preparation and delivery.
  • Build, manage and review

    Fluently import documents from your Clio matter into your HyperLaw case and utilise our progressive suite of functionality to review, analyse, work up and prepare your case material. Keyword search your entire case, break documents, hide pages, redact, annotate, link documents, build arguments, compile chronologies and more.  Review, re-work, append against prior case workings perpetually.
  • Ultra-fast document and e-bundling assembly

    Build unlimited documents or electronic bundles at any time as your case evolves, whether advice to client, instruction to counsel, third party, or for final presentation. Flexibly bundle documents with fully court approved indexing, pagination, bookmarking, hyperlinked documents with a wide range of presentation styles. Easily re-edit, insert new material, re-build at any time, with the option to build all your notes, commentary, and argument compilation into your privatised marked up bundle for fluent presentation.

How HyperLaw works with Clio

  • Import Matters and Documents directly from your Clio account into your HyperLaw case, enabling you to edit and work on the documents throughout the case journey.

    Push workings and bundles fluidly back into your Clio environment. No more dislocated processes. Just Clio & HyperLaw providing a streamlined end-to-end workflow for effective and efficient case delivery.

    Forward thinking functionality for forward thinking law firms.

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