InfraWare Dictation

InfraWare Dictation is a user-friendly application that empowers Attorneys to operate at the top of their productivity potential. Our transcription services are completely integrated with Clio – you dictate, then we seamlessly provide the completed verbatim work product back to you in Clio.

Key Features

  • InfraWare Dictation empowers you to dictate your professional work and have it seamlessly returned to Clio through our transcription services. In fact, your work will even be organized according to the matter you wish to work on. You simply tap on your schedule and select a specific matter to dictate toward, dictate and send us the file, and we do the rest. Your document will be there when you need it. Yes, it really is that easy! InfraWare also cares about you and your clients, so we want to share that we are a SOC 2 certified Transcription company and have been working with professionals in the legal, medical, and insurance industry for decades.