InfraWare Dictation

Dictate your professional work
Available in the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Save Time

    Moving cases forward faster, matters. Don’t waste your non-billable time combing through notes and recordings. Dictate directly through the InfraWare dictation app or submit recordings and we will transcribe them into the template or document of your choice. We can take care of uploading these documents directly to Clio so all case information is conveniently located in one place.
  • Save Money

    Let InfraWare’s team of experienced professionals transcribe your dictations so they can be easily shared with paralegals or co-counsel to move your cases forward faster. We offer these services at competitive pricing so you save money and can focus more on managing your firm.
  • Enhance Job Satisfaction

    By allowing InfraWare to handle your transcription needs, you free up more non-billable time to work on managing your law practice, networking, and overseeing administrative tasks.

How InfraWare Dictation works with Clio

  • Use IW Dictation as an integration with Clio! InfraWare Dictation & Transcription Services help relieve the burden of cumbersome reporting with a streamlined, user-friendly system. Our transcription services are completely integrated with Clio – you dictate, then we seamlessly return the completed verbatim work product to you in Clio.

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