Instance Connector

Connect Clio instances for migration or synchronization, within or across data centres.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Transfer and Sync Data Easily

    Move your data from one Clio account to another. Sync all your client information without any data loss with the help of Clio instance connector. Choose which information to transfer, and how you’d like to sync it – one or two way.
  • Cater to GDPR Compliance

    Looking for a tool that can move your EU data from an existing account? Ensure GDPR compliance with Instance Connector by moving your EU clients to Clio’s EU data centre, safety.
  • Customized Data Sync

    Choose what data to sync from one or more Clio accounts to another. Segregate data from one account to another based on client regions, practise areas, or any other custom fields.

How Instance Connector works with Clio

  • Sync International Clio Accounts

    Manage multiple branches of your business by moving client information from one main branch to others. The Instance Connector will filter the client data from the database based on region and move them to another Clio account you choose.

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