InterActive LegalSuite™

Estate and Elder Law Planning document drafting system
Available in the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Contacting Mapping

    Use InterActive LegalSuite™ logic to connect clients and related contacts (spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.) based on contact data in Clio Manage. The Clio - InterActive LegalSuite™ integration imports Custom Contact Fields that map data directly to known Client Interview fields, such as date of birth, gender, and citizenship.
  • Support

    Complimentary technical support and detailed guides are available to help subscribers get connected to Clio’s API and begin importing Contacts.
  • Security

    ILS connects to Clio via OAuth 2.0 protocol to keep client data safe and secure during import.

How InterActive LegalSuite™ works with Clio

  • The InterActive LegalSuite™ Clio Manage Integration gives subscribers the ability to quickly and easily create new clients in their InterActive LegalSuite™ document drafting system by importing their Clio Manage contacts.

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