Invoice Tracker

Improve cash flow and efficiency with Invoice Tracker by eBillity. Designed to improve cash flow, the automatic email reminders follow up on unpaid invoices so you don’t have to. Increase the likelihood of payments being made faster and save your accounts receivable team 7+ hours a week in administration.

Key Features


    See a 90% reduction in accounts receivables paperwork and a 25% improvement in productivity when you automate your accounts receivable.

    Invoice Tracker's customizable email templates allow you to add a human touch to your automated reminders so you can maintain your client relationship with personal and genuine messages.

    Invoice Tracker also equips your firm with the tools needed to make educated billing decisions – extend payment terms or allow a line of credit by generating a report to learn the best (and worst) paying clients.

    To create a reminder set choose from one of the customizable email templates or create your own. Each template has a series of reminders that have been carefully constructed with various tones to indicate the urgency in which a payment should be made.

    Manage your reminder sets with:
    • Variables to pull dynamic invoice details from your accounting software
    • Ability to insert your logo and email signature for a professional look
    • Schedule reminders to go out at a specific date and time to optimize visibility and open rate
    • Add a Senior Manager as a sender to escalate payment urgency
    • Create multiple reminder schedules with different approaches based on how fast (or slow) your client pays

    Know the status of your accounts receivable with real-time reporting. Learn the best time to send email reminders, which day of the week increases open rates, and calculate how many emails you need in a reminder set before a client makes payment.

    It only takes 4-clicks to connect your accounting software, your invoices will sync automatically, but don’t worry; nothing will happen until you create your email reminder set and activate the collection.

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