Just Click to File for Windows

Efficient email and time management is a challenge. With the right tools, you can make that job easier. Click to File for Windows is a tool that allows you to create billable time entries in Clio directly from any Microsoft Office product. Within Microsoft Outlook, in addition to being able to bill for every email, Click to File allows you to save each email sent or received directly to Clio with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. This way, with all the time you save in managing your practice, you can focus on helping your clients achieve their goals.

Key Features

  • With Click to File for Outlook, you no longer have to add and keep track of Clio E-Mail Dropboxes to file your messages with Clio. Click to File for Outlook automates this process and places all your matters at your fingertips. Just select the email(s) you want to file, select the matter to file them into, and click to file the message(s).

    Never miss a billing opportunity when filing emails or working in Microsoft Office by using Click to File for Windows to manage time entries throughout the day as you work.

    With Click to File, it's easy to keep your emails organized. Each email you file with Clio can automatically be filed by client name and matter number within Clio. This way, you never again have to search through your inbox for that "one" email.

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