Message Hub

Supercharge your productivity
Available in Europe, the United States
Starting at $8 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Improve Communication & Teamwork

    Our program allows you to retrieve all emails in the original format and to search through all emails filed using the add-in instantly. By using Message Hub you’ll always be in the know with what the rest of your team is doing.
  • Link Communications & Attachments

    Our program maintains a link between emails and attachments associated with email.
  • Bill for Emails

    It is easy to bill for email communications as they are filed. Just add your time as you file and the time is billed in Clio.

How Message Hub works with Clio

  • Message Hub is an Outlook, Word and Excel add-in that provides you with a set of power tools to get the most out of your Clio experience. Message Hub will save you hours each month in managing emails and in recovering billable hours that may have been missed.

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