Klyant is the most comprehensive standalone cloud based legal accounting application for European law firms. Klyant’s bespoke system removes the need to manipulate general accounting systems to cater for trust/client money. Trust/Client Money is managed separately to your firm money meaning simple compliance with regulations.

A comprehensive suite of management and financial reports means that your firm will have all the tools necessary to monitor growth and remain compliant.

Key Features

  • Manage both firm and trust/client money in one powerful cloud based legal accounting application.

    Firm Money – Easily manage all transactions, produce beautiful invoices, reconcile bank accounts, manage your purchase ledger, transfer money between bank accounts, print checks, manage outlay/disbursements/expenses and monitor firm growth with our comprehensive suite of reports

    Trust/Client Money – Manage all transactions, reconcile trust/client bank accounts, transfer money between trust/client and operating accounts, transfer money between matters and produce all necessary regulation reports.

    Our world class support is provided by a team that specialise in legal accounting. This means that your queries will be met by an experienced professional who will know how to assist you.

    The deep integration with Clio provides legal bookkeepers and cashiers with the ability to seamlessly synchronise client and matter data as well as all firm and trust/client transactions. The powerful configuration settings put you in control of the integration you want for your firm.

    Klyant is designed for law firms. This means that the integration has been tailored specifically to meet your requirements and to work smoothly with Clio in Europe.