LAWCLERK – Where Attorneys Go To Hire Freelance Lawyers. With the Clio and LAWCLERK integration, attorneys can automatically sync timekeeping, billing, calendaring, task management, and documents to make their practices more efficient and profitable through the use of freelance lawyers – all while lowering overhead.

Key Features

  • • A Clio attorney can seamlessly connect their Clio account with their LAWCLERK account, thereby allowing LAWCLERK to sync to their existing Clio Matters, Tasks, Activities, Documents, and Calendar.
    • A Clio attorney can post a project on LAWCLERK to hire a freelance lawyer that directly relates to an existing Clio Matter.
    • When a Clio attorney posts a project on LAWCLERK:
    • A Task is generated in Clio identifying that there is a LAWCLERK project associated with the Clio Matter.
    • he LAWCLERK project deadline is added to a Clio Calendar.
    • The hours/time that a freelance lawyer spends on a project will automatically sync to the Clio Matter for the attorney’s review and billing.
    • The hours/time spent by a Lawclerk on a matter are viewable via the Clio Dashboard.
    • All documents and submissions uploaded to LAWCLERK are automatically exported to the Clio Documents folder for the particular Clio Matter.
    • All documents and submissions exported from LAWCLERK are automatically organized in a designated Clio Matter folder.
    • A Clio attorney can import files saved in a Clio Matter to a project’s documents library on LAWCLERK.
    • A Clio attorney can import files from various Clio Matters to a LAWCLERK project’s documents library.
    • A Clio attorney can open a related Clio Task directly from the LAWCLERK dashboard.
    • A Clio attorney can open a related Clio Matter directly from the LAWCLERK dashboard.
    • A Clio attorney can filter all LAWCLERK projects related to a specific Clio matter via the LAWCLERK dashboard.
    • A Clio attorney can effortlessly disconnect their Clio account from their LAWCLERK account.

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