LawKPIs – Reporting and Analytics Solution

Data analytics for small and mid-size law firms
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Reduced Person Hours on Generating the Reports

    With the automated 30+ reports, LawKPIs helps law firm owners like you to improve your business at its core, empowering you to develop strategies and initiatives that are better than your competitors’ and boost productivity levels.
  • Remove Dependency on Excel/Spreadsheet

    Making good business decisions begins with using accurate data. LawKPIs reports gets you real-time business insights based on your live data and increase your confidence in the decisions you make. Using our alert and automation feature, repetitive manual tasks performed by your staff can be easily overcome to increase the business efficiency.
  • We Build Custom Reports for You

    We understand that every firm is different and that is why we provide advanced and custom reports like Fee Allocation, Flat fee profitability, Task activity analysis, Attorney compensation etc. that are necessary to track and increase efficiency and profitability at no additional cost.

How LawKPIs – Reporting and Analytics Solution works with Clio

  • LawKPIs framework leverages Clio’s REST APIs to integrate the data stored in Clio Manage with LawKPIs. Using application web services, the data is fetched from Clio by generating a secured connection using OAuth 2.0 authorization. First time we do a full load and then we sync data on daily basis including custom fields. We don’t write anything back to Clio.

    Clio Grow data when exported into CSV format, can be integrated into LawKPIs.
    We value how confidential your data is.

    LawKPIs has partnered with Amazon AWS and the data is stored in a secured environment.

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