Convert, Combine, or Edit LEDES 1998B Invoices
Available in the United States
Starting at $12 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Edit or Combine LEDES 1998B Invoices

    InvoiceConvert lets you easily merge and edit LEDES 1998B invoices separately, or together into a single “bulk" or combined LEDES 1998B invoice file.
  • Create LEDES 2000 Invoices

    InvoiceConvert easily converts LEDES 1998B invoices into LEDES 2000 format.
  • Save Hours Every Month

    No more complicated LEDES file hassles. No more rejections of erroneous invoices. InvoiceConvert makes LEDES invoicing effortless!

How InvoiceConvert works with Clio

  • Super Fast and Simple

    Easily upload or import your invoices from Clio. When you are finished, you can easily download your completed invoices. Our Clio Integration Bar also allows users to easily toggle back and forth with Clio.

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