InvoiceConvert easily and securely converts invoices between different LEDES formats.

Converting invoices manually can take hours, costing law firms significant time and money.

InvoiceConvert automates the process – just upload an invoice, fill out the fields required for the new format, and then the application automatically completes the conversion!

Key Features

  • “As heavy Clio users with a major client that unexpectedly could only accept bills in the LEDES 2000 format, InvoiceConvert’s ability to easily, effortlessly, and accurately convert LEDES 1998B invoices to LEDES 2000 format has saved hundreds of hours of manual conversion time.”
    – Law Firm Partner/Clio Customer

    With bank-grade security, effortless automation, and seamless integration with Clio, you can convert your invoices in a few simple steps:

    1. Select which invoices you want to convert
    2. Follow a wizard to convert the selected invoices
    3. Save your converted LEDES 2000 invoices in Clio

    EffortlessLegal’s InvoiceConvert product currently converts the LEDES 1998B format to the LEDES 2000 format. Additional format conversion options will be available in the next release.