Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

Cloud-based eDiscovery platform with GenAI that automates tasks, speeds document review, and helps you build a stronger case.
Available in the United States
Starting at $4.25 per GB (24 month subscription) per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Easily Handle Document Intensive Cases with GenAI Powered eDiscovery

    Lexbe's GenAI-powered eDiscovery tool is your key to handling complex, document-heavy cases with unprecedented ease and efficiency.
  • Grow Your Billable Hours

    Integrating Lexbe's advanced eDiscovery platform directly into your firm's workflow gives you the ability to manage the entire eDiscovery process in-house and bill for a broader range of eDiscovery-related activities
  • Build Stronger Cases

    Achieve a more thorough examination of the evidence resulting in more compelling and robust cases.

How Lexbe eDiscovery Platform works with Clio

  • Lexbe’s integration with Clio Manage makes it easy for you to stage your documents in Clio and then seamlessly access them with the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform when you’re ready to proceed with building your case.

    Within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform you can easily select Clio Manage as the source of the documents you’d like to ingest for processing. Then when you’re done with your case, you can retain your work product in Clio Manage.

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