Ngage Live Chat

Ngage Live Chat is a live chat platform with highly trained operators providing a customized experience that turns visitors to your website, into clients.

Ngage Live Chat helps potential clients create a relationship with your business—capturing vital information immediately to make your intake and sales processes more efficient from the first touch.

  • Engage new leads. Ngage’s highly-trained operators politely greet each visitor to your website before they have a chance to navigate away.
  • Interact with potential clients. Ngage operators interact with visitors and collect information about their situation.
  • Quickly connect—and convert. Operators summarize the conversation and connect the web visitor with your team.
  • Integrate with Clio Grow. New leads are sent automatically to Clio Grow, where they appear in your Lead Inbox for quick-and-easy intake.

Key Features

  • Ngage Live Chat and Clio Grow work together to ensure that website visitors convert into potential new clients—and that you can begin the intake process smoothly and efficiently with every potential new client who’s a fit for your firm. Increase conversion, lower costs, create a better client experience.

    Ngage Live Chat features include:
    - Live transfer from online chat to your phone
    - Instant callback
    - Text-to-chat
    - Facebook messenger integration
    - Spanish-language chat
    - 24/7/365 chat services
    - And more

    Combining Ngage Live Chat with Clio Grow simplifies the journey for potential new clients finding your firm, interacting with someone who represents your business, and entering your business as a new client—allowing you to focus on billable work and building valuable relationships.