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Available in Canada, the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Get more reviews and referrals

    Win over twice as many reviews as competing review tools with smart, automated emails and text messages. Automatically follow up with happy clients for recommendations to their networks.
  • Earn more leads and sales

    Drive more website traffic and sales with customer stories and powerful website add-ons like our Engage social proof widget and trust badge widget. Automatically post great reviews to your website and social media pages with the ability to add comments and create compelling customer stories.
  • Fully managed & SEO optimized websites

    A data-driven website that actually works so you can focus on what you do best. Includes call and email lead tracking and is Integrated with NiceJob reviews so that all of your reviews are leveraged to convert more traffic.

How NiceJob works with Clio


    Automatically request reviews and share responses to your website and social media

    NiceJob can automatically follow up with your clients for a review upon closing a Matter. Reviews received can be automatically added to your website and social media accounts to provide social proof and attract new clients with your great reputation.

    NiceJob users can also choose to manually share a clients information to NiceJob’s system to send a manual review invite through a Custom Field in Clio.

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