Retrievables – Collection Attorney App

Use Retrievables to connect with collections attorneys for unpaid invoices.
Available in the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Collect unpaid invoices.

    Utilize collections attorneys to effectively collect money from clients. Collections law firms are more effective than in-house efforts or collections agencies.
  • Find the most suitable attorney in your state.

    Use Retrievables to locate the best attorney to recover delinquent accounts in your state. Retrievables has a network of attorneys licensed to practice throughout the US.
  • Quick and easy to use.

    Retrievables makes it quick and easy to connect with an attorney. Save time and efforts by letting Retrievables do the work.

How Retrievables – Collection Attorney App works with Clio

  • Integration with Clio Bills to send past due invoices.

    Integration with Clio Bills to automatically send unpaid invoices when they are past due.
    When client invoices are in the Clio Bills platform, the user can easily transfer past due accounts to Retrievables’ marketplace in order to be connected with the most suitable collections law firm.

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  • Getting set up

    If you need detailed instructions on connecting Retrievables – Collection Attorney App to Clio, you may visit this site.

  • Security and privacy policy

    We are committed to protecting your privacy.
    View Retrievables – Collection Attorney App’s privacy policy, terms of service and security policy.

  • Additional support

    Contact Retrievables – Collection Attorney App’s support at [email protected].