RingCentral for Clio

Send, receive and track phone calls directly in Clio.
Available in the United States
Starting at FREE

Key benefits for your firm

  • Make and receive calls from clients within Clio

    Embed RingCentral’s fully functional web phone into Clio to easily make and receive phone calls. Link phone calls with a matter, and then take and synchronize call notes with the RingCentral call log. Easily record phone calls to access transcriptions.
  • Send and receive SMS

    RingCentral’s embedded phone also allows you to send and receive SMS messages, schedule video meetings, and perform all the other communication functions supported by RingCentral.
  • Automatically track your time on phone calls

    When phone calls are completed, this integration will automatically record and track your time spent with clients discussing matters – to help make billing easier and more accurate.
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