Rocket Case


Rocket Case empowers busy attorneys to communicate quickly and easily with their clients. Update your clients on their case status, request and send important documents, and notify clients of upcoming court dates, all on your own time.

Key Features

  • Full transparency for each and every one of your matters

    Your clients trust you with their legal matters. Now you can reinforce that trust with frequent case updates. With RocketCase, you can send clients case updates, disbursement summaries, and important court dates, all at the tap of a button. They get peace of mind, and you get to save time–time better spent working on the substantive matters of your cases, not scheduling client meetings.

    Message your clients quickly and easily

    With Rocket Case, you can send and receive text messages with all of your clients. Update them on their hearing, or request their documents—they can upload and send them right in your messages. Their data is also close by, so whenever you contact them, you have a full picture of their case and next steps.

    Advocate More for Your Clients with Rocket Case

    Rocket Case plays nicely with the case management software you already use. Consider us a fast, intuitive client communication portal layered right on top of Clio. Rocket Case reads in all your case data from Clio, and provides you client messaging, document uploading, and case road map features, all in a clean and intuitive interface. Rest assured as all your client data stays synced, secure, and easy to read and send at the click of a button.

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