Decipher Your Contract With A Click.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Precise, Quick and Easy

    Read contract provisions with precision, speed and ease.
  • Deciphers your contracts

    Spectacles deciphers your contracts with a click. Highlight a defined term and Spectacles will display its definition. Click-through the interactive side-panel to reveal your web of defined terms.
  • Easy one-click access

    No flipping pages, no document searching, no scrolling, no multiple windows. Spectacles brings the meaning to you.

How Spectacles works with Clio

  • Access your Clio Documents from the Spectacles side-panel.

    Spectacles automatically syncs with Clio Manage to bring your Clio document files to you in the easy to use Spectacles side-panel. Simply scroll through your document files and click. Spectacles will open your document directly from Clio Manage.

    Spectacles supports single sign-on with Clio, so Clio customers can sign-in to Spectacles using their Clio username and password.

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