AI-Driven Call Center for Streamlined Client Intake & Communication.
Available in the United States
Starting at $89 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • 24/7 Availability for unmatched client relations

    Eliminate wait times and offer non-stop legal support. TeleWizard’s integration with Clio guarantees your clients continuous, instant service, enhancing satisfaction with every interaction.
  • Real-Time updates, superior client trust

    Keep clients in the loop with the latest developments in their cases. By integrating TeleWizard with Clio, deliver real-time updates directly, fostering transparency and bolstering client trust through consistent communication.
  • Streamlined Operations for Peak Administrative Efficiency

    TeleWizard transforms your firm's administrative processes by automating client intake and appointment scheduling. This AI-driven call center integrates seamlessly with Clio, enabling efficient, error-free handling of essential tasks over the phone.

How Telewizard works with Clio

  • Efficient Client Intake with Clio Grow

    Streamline client intake with TeleWizard’s automation capabilities integrated into Clio Grow.

    • Directly captures and inputs client data during phone calls.
    • Automatically schedules and updates Clio Grow’s calendar.
    • Enhances initial client interactions for better conversion rates.

    Real-Time Case Updates in Clio Manage

    Enhance transparency with real-time case updates through TeleWizard and Clio Manage integration.

    • Instantly inform clients about case progress.
    • Logs detailed call information directly into Clio Manage.
    • Provides attorneys with up-to-date call summaries for preparedness.


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